Learn to Sing With Us


Texas Boys Choir Afterschool Apprentice Program


Students in our Afterschool Apprentice Program learn how to read music and sing with the exceptional technique of the Grammy® Award winning Texas Boys Choir.

Boys will:
• Learn to sing in tune
• Learn to read music with solfège training, and rhythmic and melodic sight-reading
• Gain fluency in the music language
• Learn to sing in ensemble 

7-week sessions meet twice/week
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30 -5:30 p.m.
Fall 2017: October 3-November 16

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts
3901 S. Hulen Street, Fort Worth, TX 76109


Click here to download an information sheet.

For more information, email lisa.earl@TexasBoysChoir.org.


Registration is complete when you have completed the following:

  1. Complete Online Registration Form Below
  2. Complete Online Tuition Payment Form Below


TBC Afterschool Apprenticeship Program Registration Form

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 I consent to enroll my child and accept full responsibility of the named student participant and I, while on the premises of Texas Boys Choir and Texas Center for Arts + Academics, hereby release and hold harmless Texas Boys Choir and all other persons and entities associated from all injuries, sickness and/or damages. I also consent and agree to have my child photographed for publicity and promotional purposes. It is the policy of Texas Boys Choir to contact a student’s parent/guardian immediately in the event of sickness or injury. In case of emergency, I authorize Texas Boys Choir to take one or more of the following actions: a) release my child to the non-parent/guardian emergency contact or b) contact emergency medical services to care for or transport my child to a hospital for emergency care.
 Fees are due prior to the student’s first class and are non-refundable. Tuition fees may be credited to future enrollment on a case-by-case basis. Partial tuition fees may be refunded in unusual circumstances, at the sole discretion of the CEO. A late fee of $15 is added if tuition is not received prior to the first class. A student’s enrollment will be cancelled if payment is not received by the student’s second class. A $30 fee will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds. Texas Boys Choir should be notified in advance of an extended absence such as illness, injury, travel, etc. Students who are absent less than one month will not receive pro-rated or waived tuition. Students with pre-approved absences of longer than one month may be eligible for pro rated or waived tuition at the sole discretion of the CEO.

TBC Afterschool Apprenticeship Program Tuition Payment