From voices came the vision

Texas Boys Choir has a unique story to tell. It begins in 1946 with the passion and vision of American choral conductor, George Bragg, and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Determined to provide any boy, regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background, a structured environment in which to learn the fundamentals of world-class vocal performance, Bragg created Texas Boys Choir (TBC) as a publicly supported professional nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the vocal talents of gifted young men.

Our mission is to be a world-class boychoir, to develop personal excellence and to inspire a lifelong passion for choral artistry.

The pursuit of excellence inspired by tradition

Steeped in the tradition of European church choirs, members of TBC begin their intensive vocal training at a young age. The repertoire draws heavily from sacred traditions of the early Renaissance and Baroque periods in music history. However, Bragg was sure to incorporate American favorites as well as songs from a wide array of international musical traditions to create crowd-pleasing programs, year after year. Under his direction, the choir grew in prominence to become a world-class musical organization.

For more than 70 years, Texas Boys Choir has been instrumental in instilling a love of artistic expression and a desire to succeed in its young members. This pursuit of excellence continues to inspire young people today, both artistically and academically.

A tradition of artistic and academic achievements

In keeping with early European tradition, members of Texas Boys Choir attend a specialized school where they receive extensive training in music and a rigorous academic education. This unique environment enables the choir to maintain the high standard of excellence established when it was founded. There are currently more than 80 young men in TBC. These talented vocalists learn self-discipline, develop self-confidence, and are required to maintain high academic standards while devoting significant time outside of class for concerts and tours.

Texas Boys Choir has traveled to numerous international destinations including Australia, Japan, England, Mexico, Latvia and Germany. During these adventures, the choir has sung for Popes and other religious leaders, Presidents of the United States, as well as kings and other heads of state. In May 2012, the choir was invited to Argentina as the North American representative in the International Iguazú Festival for Youth Orchestras and Choirs. Additionally, the choir has appeared on national television and radio broadcasts. With more than 40 professional recordings with Columbia, Decca, and other independent labels, Texas Boys Choir continues to earn its reputation as one of the premier boychoirs in the world..  

A legacy of excellence committed to inspiring bright futures

Fueled by a long tradition of successfully mentoring young performers to achieve choral excellence, Texas Boys Choir, Inc. expanded upon its mission in an effort to inspire young men and women from allwalks of life to pursue their dreams.

The mission of Texas Center for Arts  + Academics is to establish, support and grow our charter schools, the Texas Boys Choir, and our other artistic programs, which are designed to foster a lifelong passion for artistic and academic excellence.

Since 2001, the organization has opened two public charter schools that provide male and female students the best of both worlds under one roof: comprehensive fine arts classes and training, and nationally recognized academic and college preparatory programs..  

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA)

Texas School of the Arts (TeSA)

PLEASE NOTE: Young men who wish to audition for Texas Boys Choir must enroll as students at FWAFA.

Today, Texas Center for Arts + Academics is a strong voice in the North Texas arts community and an active advocate for providing young people the means and opportunity to explore and excel in their lives.